Renew subscription Golden Cccam Server worldwide

Renew subscription Golden Cccam Server worldwide

 The Golden Cccam Server provided for free by the Satellite Store team.

An overview of the free Cccam Server:

The powerful free Cccam Server provided by the Satellite Store team offers the public worldwide the opportunity to watch a large number of European channels and satellites with complete stability. It allows viewers to enjoy top European and international leagues and tournaments.

  • First, select Cccam from the Server Type menu, which is the desired server type.
  • Secondly, the host or communication link should be entered with the IP provided below.
  • Thirdly, enter the port as 45000, as shown in the image.
  • Fourthly, enter the username as "StoreSat".
  • Fifthly, enter the password as "StoreSat".

Host / URL =

Port = 45000

Username = storesat

Password = YeIAaeIAEOAE5A

Server update date - 10/06/2023

Note: You can contact the Satellite Store customer service to request the paid and premium version of the Golden Cccam at the top.

You can contact us through our official Telegram page at | Satellite Store.

Enjoy your viewing experience! All rights reserved for Sharing SAT website (supported by the Satellite Store team).

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