Renew Forever iks server worldwide

Renew Forever iks server worldwide

Renew Forever iks server worldwide

A brief about Forever Server :

Forever Server is one of the most important cardsharing servers worldwide, or we can say it is the strongest server in the world of cardsharing and breaking encrypted channels via satellite. Forever Server is widely known for its high sales in countries around the globe due to its server strength and the wide range of channels it supports.

To renew your Forever Server subscription, follow these steps:

  • Your receiver device must support the Forever Server; otherwise, you cannot subscribe.
  • Obtaining the serial number can be done by accessing the settings within the STB (Set-Top Box) information of your device.
  • Contact a customer service representative from Store SAT team through the WhatsApp button at the top.

  • Star SAT
  • Senator
  • MediaStar
  • Tiger
  • NOVA 
  • Sam SAT
  • And there are more other satellite receivers 

Forever - Forever SE - Forever Pro 

Bank cards : Visa - MasterCard ( Operates within Arab countries only and soon in all countries worldwide.)
Online Bank : PayPal - Binance ( USDT ) - Wise - Payooner - Paysera.
Bank transfers : Emirati banks - Egyptian banks. ( worldwide ) 
Store credit : Apple Store - Play Store 
PSN Cards : American PlayStation cards - Emirati PlayStation cards.

Notice: We accept payments in major global currencies such as the US Dollar, Euro, and British Pound. In some countries, we also accept local currencies such as the Emirati Dirham, Saudi Riyal, Omani Rial, Kuwaiti Dinar, Bahraini Dinar, and Jordanian Dinar, Egyptian Pound.

Contact us through our official Telegram page | Store SAT .

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